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Guatemala Helicopter Adventure

$.1,050.00 Per/Person

Guatemala Helicopter Adventure Tour is a package that includes a visit to the three largest Mayan sites in Guatemala.

Fantastic destinations are surrounded by tropical jungles with many flora and fauna representative of the tropics.

This archaeological adventure begins with a guided visit to the incomparable Tikal.

Due to its natural and archaeological importance, this destination was declared in 1979 a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Here you can learn about Mayan history and enjoy the scenery from the top of the pyramids.

Being an open-air natural laboratory, you can enjoy encounters with local fauna, including spider and howler monkeys, coatis, and a great variety of birds.

The second day

We will transport you to the site that houses monumental Mayan structures.

El Mirador is an adventure that begins with a scenic trip aboard a helicopter from where you can appreciate Peten’s landscape, including Flores Island, Lake Peten Itzá, and The Mayan jungle.

Then you will land at the archaeological park’s helipad to begin the site’s guided tour.

You will discover the advances in archaeological research and the data from archaeologists who have visited and worked on the site.

On the third day.

With our guide’s help, we will explore the archaeological site of Yaxha, the third-largest after Tikal and El Mirador.

Yaxha is a little over an hour from the island of Flores on the Yaxha and Sacnab lagoons shore.

Here you can also enjoy the landscape, the Mayan architecture, and the tropical jungle.

You will also visit a local restaurant to taste regional food, including dishes derived from the jungle.

After the tour, we will go to Mundo Maya Airport to take your flight back home.


Guatemala Helicopter Adventure

Tikal A World Heritage Site in Guatemala

This archaeological and nature excursion can get you through the paths of the ancient metropolis of Tikal.

Discover imponent temples, pyramids, and palaces, which once entirely were an incredible metropolis within the Mayan world.

Besides the archaeological wealth of this outstanding destination, stated as World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

You could enjoy the wonder of the unique environment in which Tikal bloomed.

This incredible ecosystem inhabits abounding types of vegetation and wildlife that undoubtedly will improve your trip to Tikal.

Day 1: Tikal One Day Tour – itinerary:

8:00 am Meet and Greet for the uninformed tour guide and driver at Mundo Maya International Airport, Belize border, or even your Hotel.

Then we will travel to Tikal National Park. On arrival, you will have an introduction to Tikal and our adventure through the archaeological site.

Following a presentation and here we are at use services, you will continue our Tikal one-day excursion going through the most well-liked plazas and buildings of Tikal.

Look at the twin pyramid complex, the central plaza, a core archaeological site including the central, south, and north acropolis, the great Jaguar Temple, and Temple II.

Then a presentation of Tikal’s historical past and particular events through this exceptional World Heritage Site occupation.

You will have plenty of time to ascend some temples and also time for pictures.

White-nosed Coati
On top of a Maya temple


Yaxha is a place that displays around five hundred buildings conditioned by leveling terraces in descending order of East to the West.

On-site, there is archeological evidence of constructive monumental activity dated to the classical terminal period, the same as the main building of the East Acropolis.

Besides this building, the most remarkable examples are found in the Maler group.

Inside the best samples of the architecture of the late classical period, it is pertinent to mention two ball games, several Acropolis, temples, palaces, several causeways, and a complex of twin pyramids.

This element is relatively scarce and interesting in architecture.

Combine two pyramids truncated four stairs with stelae and altars, an enclosed area by walls, very characteristic and, in front construction with nine doors.

The Rainforest

The tropical forest of Yaxha and the bodies of water surrounding it have made this destination a tropical paradise that contains 40 species of mammals, 45 reptiles, 22 fish, 14 amphibians, and 150 species of birds.

The flora of this region is located in transitional vegetation between the subtropical humid and dry forest.

According to the researchers accomplished on the plant life of Yaxha, the area has zones of tall forests and zones of low forests.

The zones of the tall forests are humid and characterized by the presence of plants over 30 meters in height.

On the contrary, the zones of low forests constituted for mast low-height.

However, the main difference consists of an edaphic association in which the ground is more impermeable, permitting water storage in depressions.

Day 3: Yaxha One Day Tour – Itinerary:

8:00 am, our tour guide will pick you up at your hotel to take transportation for about 1:30 hours towards Yaxha archaeological site.

On arrival, you will visit North Acropolis, Nort- East Acropolis, Maler group, twin pyramid complex, East acropolis, and the highest pyramid known as building 216.

From here, it is possible to have a 360-degree view of the site and lakes Sacnab and Yaxha, respectively.

Besides the archeological experience, this fantastic destination offers the opportunity to encounter the region’s wildlife, including howler and spider monkeys, butterflies, and tropical birds.

After the tour, you will return to a local restaurant for lunch, then we will take a transfer back to your hotel, Mundo Maya international airport, or the Belize border.

Guatemala Helicopter Adventure
Howler Monkey

Then we continue walking through historical causeways looking at Tikal Temple III (also known as Temple of the Jaguar Priest), Bat Palace, Twin pyramid complex “N,” and finally get through the spectacular temple IV

Templo Four, also called Double Headed Snake Temple, is the highest ancient building still within Tikal.

From the top, you will discover a fantastic view of the natural surroundings and the upper portion of the main temples within the Park.

After experiencing the breathtaking view from Temple 4, we move through paths in this exotic forest, exploring the Lost World, Seven Temples, and Temple Five.

Then we will head to the eating area to have a delicious meal.

15:00 hrs. The transfer is going back to your hotel.

Day 2: El Mirador Helicopter Tour:

An exceptional helicopter tour that will transfer across the fantastic and millenarian Mayan rainforest looking for the lost city of El Mirador.

A Natural Wonder

This natural wonder is proposed as a  UNESCO cultural and natural heritage site, based on its exuberant jungle and the great wide variety of wildlife that inhabit as well as the archeological value of the most significant city of the Mayan world.

Our knowledgeable tour guide will take us on a journey through history, visiting the El Tigre complex, Los Monos Group.

Also, the Jaguar’s Claw Temple displays significant decorated masks of over three meters in height by two in width, where the name of this pyramid, The Tiger, is taken.

Then we will visit the central Acropolis, where structure 313 shows five stages of the building as well.

As in its back, you will find shreds of proof of the canals that the Mayas of these times utilized to transport water.

Within this building, we can look for a carved panel with the design of twin brothers, Hunahpu and Ixbalanque, mythic creatures from the holy book of the Mayas, the Popol Vuh.

Finally, to conclude our Helicopter Adventure in El Mirador, you will visit the fantastic pyramid of “La Danta.”

Yaxha Sunset

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Rates & Departures:
  • $.1,050.00 Per/Person/Double Occupancy
  • Departures: throughout the year
  • Departures: are confirmed to run having a minimum of 2 people.
  • Two nights of lodging at the island of Flores
  • Transfers & Land transportation during the mentioned tours
  • Two breakfast at the hotels
  • Three lunch (boxed lunch at El Mirador, Lunch at Tikal & Yaxha)
  • Entrance fee to the parks
  • Bilingual guidance during the tours (El Mirador – Tikal – Yaxha)
  • Round trip helicopter transportation for El Mirador Helicopter Tour
Not Included:
  • Airport fee on flights and El Mirador Helicopter Tour (US$.3.00 or Q.20.00 each)
  • Other locations and services not specified by the itinerary

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